Creating ReleasesΒΆ

This document serves as a guideline on how to create releases of your project. Additionally, it may provide pointers about best practices and development workflows.

Assuming that you start on the development branch with a x.x.x-SNAPSHOT version, you should ensure that your changelog is complete.
The next step is then to bump your version to a release version:
$ mlf-core bump-version x.x.x .
Then create a release/x.x.x branch and submit a pull request from it against the master branch.
Any people that you have worked with including yourself should now review this pull request and fix and remaining issues.
After pull request approval you merge the pull request into the master branch. Afterwards create a release on Github with the tag x.x.x and insert your changelog into the description and add any additional details that you deem important. A new Docker container should now be building with the latest version.
Switch back to the development branch and merge the latest master branch into it. Next, according to semantic versioning and your planned features bump the version to a higher -SNAPSHOT version. The changelog will automatically add sections.